Individual Sessions


"You have to strive every minute to get rid of the life that you have planned in order to have the life that's waiting to be yours"

~Joseph Campbell

Expressive Arts Therapy, Training and consultaton


The issues that bring you to therapy are unique, which means that they require a unique solution. I do not believe in or practice "one size fits all" counseling. Rather, I set the intention of meeting you wherever you are on your life's path. It is only in this way that your feelings and needs can be truly heard, your strengths can be identifiably seen and your transformation can be wholly witnessed. 

In addition to my expressive arts approach it is important for me to make room for the teens and adults I work with to explore and discover their own spiritual beliefs and paths. Often this leads to using language such as Soul and Spirit, or other language that my clients find for themselves. The language and beliefs do not necessarily align with any specific religious traditions, although I am of course respectful of these traditions when they are important and meaningful to my clients. 

Elements of a typical session could include:

  • Meditations
  • Guided Imagery
  • Creative Arts Encounters
  • Body Awareness
  • Breathing Excercises


I often work with high school aged adolescents who are struggling to navigate developmental change, grief and loss, trauma, or those whom might be described as "highly sensitive". Many may present with unmanaged stress, anxiety, depression and irritability. My work is in helping your child capture their innate strengths and build upon these in order to establish a foundation of reliable resources for navigating life's challenges. I utilize various creative arts techniques to bolster resiliency, promote healthy self-expression,  improve self-esteem and support spiritual development. I work closely and collaboratively with parents and guardians, developing strategies to support your child's mental health, positive behaviors and healthy connection to Self and Others.​​​