Expressive Arts Therapy, Training and consultaton

​​Previous Offerings:

When the World Gets Overwhelming An expressive arts therapy group for "highly sensitive" middle school girls

Creative Awakening Where creativity and spirituality meet

Drawing Your Soul The Experience of Touch Drawing

The Seven Essential Needs Creating a Life Where all of Your Needs are Met

Creative Time A Guided Open Studio

​When we see suffering and injustice - globally and in our own backyards - we hunger to create positive change. Here's a way to do it!
If you are hungry for ways to create social change through the arts and want to work/play alongside others who want the same things - join us! Be a part of this sustainable vision of change!

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Arts for the Common Good: Mini-Collage Project

The ART of Chronic Illness​    Change the Way you Live with Chronic Illness

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality "       ~John Lennon

​​Current and Upcoming Groups and Events:

In the safe setting that we establish together,  expressive arts groups can be a powerful and healing  experience. They offer the opportunity to be seen and heard in a way that nurtures connection and belonging. Check in regularly for new groups offerings or "like" us on Facebook  at 

 Expressive Arts in Groups

Are you yearning to connect with your Creative Self?

Because it is waiting to connect with you!

Everything you need to nurture your Creative Self is here! 

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"I'm Not the Only One" An expressive arts therapy group for Teens ages 14-17